Creative direction and production of After Beyond short fashion film, as key part of the concept for Ministry of Creative Affairs showcase (2013)


A woman who belongs to the forest, holding the ancient truth. Wise, mysterious, seductive, walks as if her feet do not touch the ground. She is the light and the shadow, the allknowing feminine force. Connecting things, echoing the rhythm of the nature.


A man, strong like concrete, yet playful like sunbeams. He is curious. He knows the shades of gray and sees the hues in colors. Stands with his feet on the ground, yet is open to looking further beyond what’s real. Masculine strength.


Around the forest there are hidden treasures- leather bags that hold the secrets and the yarn of the ancient truth. The bags are alive, but they are not easy to find. Once found, they are your true companions, your second skin straight from the source. A very personal holder of one’s secrets, strong yet sensitive.


There is a part of the forest where the trees can see- Forest of the Visionaries. The trees have ‘eyes’(spectacles), you have to find the very personal ones for you. Special magic spectacles, that once found your individual pair, make you really ‘see’ the essence of thins. Make you a visionary. Clear vision, wisdom, one’s extended personality.

 The Initial Storyline:

There’s a land far up north, where the sea hugs the shores of white sand and snow. By the cold cliffs lies the Forest of Creation. Feel the breath of every tree and stone, the air drawing circles around the morning mist as the fog arises with Nordic lights. Deep through the pine trees the fairies sing and build castles out of laughter.

The echo of the wild horses run reaches the ears of a man, born out of rock.

There’s a woman who runs with the horses, who knows and senses everything that’s alive. She looks for magic treasures (the bags) from the forest and from them she draws out yarn, with which she knits together the trees, connecting all that’s alive into a geometrical web.

The man follows the sounds of the horses and finds himself deep in the forest. He sees the trees and the earth all connected with these webs and starts to follow them. Like a foggy illusion, he sees a woman appearing behind trees, horses running, as if calling him to follow them. He reaches a weird place, where the trees ‘have eyes’. Trying on the different spectacles, he finally finds the ones that he knows are right for him and him only. When he wears them all becomes clear and he can ‘see’ the forest breathing and alive.

All of a sudden the woman is right there, he can see her clearly now. The next moment she is gone again. But she is ‘real’ now, appearing here and there, as in a playful chase of seduction. They run around the forest hiding and seeking until there is no more sight of the woman anymore. He follows the sound and the light-beams, that lead him out of the forest to the edge of a bog, only to see the woman walking away at a far distance, sensing he is there she looks back, gives him a glance and a smile and then disappears.

Photos: Jana Solom, Indrek Arula