Mousetail Coffee Stories

Concept interior and styling for Mousetail Coffee Stories first London restaurant.

The space where all these stories come together- collecting the memories and creating new ones.

It all started with the light- the way the sun moves across the 8 meter high corner space with floor to ceiling windows, casting shadows as it goes. A journey of constant transformation through the times, just as the Mousetail brand builds its history with the stories and experiences of each day.

It all becomes a library, an archive of sorts- a minimalist cabinet of curiosities where each visitor can fill in the gaps. The shape of these stories is translated into a metal line installation on the main wall, inspired by the shelves of books, folders and boxes, yet left empty for the light to have a play with the ever-changing angles and shapes.

The transformative element also shines through in the colour of the walls, with a notable difference in the blue-green balance depending on the light. The contrasting shadow playground of the daytime sun turns into a moody dark green dimly lit salon at night.

Using a minimalist graphic design language, the elements in the space are mostly custom made, following a geometrically playful composition. The balance between cool stones and warm wood is topped off with conceptual styling elements and bespoke large still life photography on walls.


Stone surfaces: Caesarstone

Wall installation: Produced by Circus Kinetica, designed by Helen Sirp

Still life photography: Studio Prokopiou, Concept and styling : Helen Sirp Traces Project

Woodwork: Unto this Last, Goldfinch furniture

Photography: Beth Evans