Mousewife Mansion for Kriss Soonik

Concept and design of Kriss Soonik Loungerie press event in Frameless Gallery London (2011)

Inspired by the collection ‘The Desperate Mousewife’ and the logo-cat of the brand, the concept of creating a Mousewife Mansion came to life. Housed in the two-story gallery the experience evolved around a model- the Mousewife- who is obsessed with catching cats.

The entry to the Mansion meant walking through a giant ‘mouse hole’ door to the lounge area with a photo exhibition of the collection, hung up on lace strings, as well as the sample collection pieces. Suspended from the ceiling were various birdcages with logo-cats captured inside like precious birds, throwing shadows onto the walls as part of the décor.

In the downstairs area lay the grand secret of the naughty Mousewife- a fetish inspired board on the wall with various creative gadgets for catching the cats. The setting was her boudoir, with a large golden cat on a chain and a giant mouse hole for her to enter and exit. A live photoshoot with the model took place within the entire gallery, as the Mousewife seductively floated around the guests and her Mansion.

Photos: © Indrek Arula