ÖÖ- was it a dream?

Concept and design of the Estonian designers’ showcase for LFW first International Fashion Showcase, in collaboration with Estonian Embassy, Merilyn Keskkula and British Council (2012)

Under the umbrella narrative of ‘Was it a dream’ by ÖÖ (‘night’ in Estonian) the dreamlike design encompassed everything floating in air, between the earth and the sky. The work was displayed in an ethereal layout of floating garments, elevated swings with ghost trousers in boxes, an antique cupboard floating in air with shoes, and pillows in the corner that light up when touched. Marit Ilison’s Seven Men in Silver Coats was also screened as video projection on the back wall, as Magnus Loppe’s menswear was accompanied by a painting of seven mysterious men. KO’s interactive pillows made the bed in air and Kaspar Paas with his handicraft shoes and tools raised the levels even higher. The gallery windows were framed by paper birds, as if flying out from the Brewick Street space.