VOGUE x GQ x Ritz Carlton ‘ROOM NO.8’

Coneptual set design for the immersive experience Room No.8 – a multi-sensory performance-art experience created by some of the best names in visual effects, sound art and immersive theatre. Visitors were taken on an audiovisual journey around the world told through tastes, smells, visuals, sound and performance, starting from wondering the ethereal corridors of abstracted doors, leading onto the mysterious room no.8- a room of infinite possibilities, where anything is possible.

Production: Conde Nast

Set design: Helen Sirp

Set team: Luca Riboni

Rachel Mathewson, Rhian Morris

3D mapping and visuals: Bernardo Varela

Soundscape: Karl Sadler

Photo credits: Darren Gerrish (Vogue)