AdidasOriginal Playground

The World is Your Playground. Leave Your Mark

Window concept and design and for the first Adidas Originals store in the Baltics / North-east EU, in collaboration with Not Perfect Agency. Inspired by the Soviet era urban playgrounds the locals are so familiar with, the concept plays with the notion of original movement within one’s bespoke playground.
Helen Sirp Adidas Originals Window Design

A unique footprint – of walking your own way and leaving your mark in the world also emphasises the small footprint the brand leaves as a sustainability stamp.

Being the mover and the shaker, the leader in your game. It symbolises the journey, the obstacles along it, the playful coming together, the arrival of Adidas Originals in Estonia.

The steel and LED structures are bespoke designed (often inspired by the three stripes) to create a journey across the long narrow space, with paint-dipped footprints conquering it’s obstacles and culminating in the central art-piece:  the logo sculpture made entirely of old Adidas shoes, cut up and painted white.

Helen Sirp Adidas Originals Window Design
Helen Sirp Adidas Originals Window Design
Helen Sirp Adidas Originals Window Design
Concept & Design: Helen Sirp & Not Perfect Tallinn
Collaborators: HN Steel, Forte LED, Laserstuudio
Photography: Oleg Hartsenko
Video: Not Perfect Tallinn