ESCADAExperience Exchange

ESCADA Experience Exchange

ESCADA is synonymous with powerful women. Started by a strong woman, worn by them for decades - politicians, mothers, CEOs, celebrities, all working in countless fields. Think of all the experiences had in ESCADA outfits. The wins, the losses and the life lessons learned. ESCADA has pooled the knowledge and experience of our diverse and engaging ambassadors and created a platform from which to share our collective power. In this new series, ESCADA supports exceptional and influential women and provides a platform for them to share how they embraced their opportunities, dealt with failure, overcame adversity, and contributed to a global movement of empowerment.

The six women were the inspiration for their environments- their expertise and characteristics were interpreted into various props and humorous elements within the sets.

Director: Jessie Ayles
Art Direction & Set Design: Helen Sirp
Production Agency: The Smalls
Creative Direction: GOOD Agency