SennheiserSanctuary of Sound

Sennheiser Sanctuary of Sound

Conceptual spatial design for the German premium audio brand Sennheiser as they unveiled two experiential pop-ups in New York and San Francisco. Dubbed 'Sanctuary of Sound', the retail showrooms were produced in collaboration with Saintil Communications. They were conceived as 'sonic cocoons' to demonstrate Sennheiser's sonic prowess in the most imaginative and absorbing way possible.
Helen Sirp Set Design Art Direction Styling

The concept was inspired by the headphone ranges on display- Urbanite & Momentum. Drawing on the sound waves as they resonate with the skylines of urban cityscapes , the space was decked with blocky mirror and light towers as product displays, cocooned in acoustic panels and felt, all in Sennheiser signature grey. The shops gave visitors the opportunity to test its audio products via interactive, audio-visual installations, which also extended onto the window display, where the real-time sounds of the street were translated into moving light beams similar to the display units inside (by Nanika studio).

Envisioning a sanctuary for excellent sound, Sirp explains: “I wanted to create a space that offers a unique experience for sound and was intrigued by the contrast of sound vs silence. Visually, the foam panels reflect the softness of the headphones as well as absorb all the sound, making it a temporary escape from the noise of the city as one enters this sonic cocoon.’

Helen Sirp Set Design Art Direction Styling

Inspired by the urban cityscapes, the sound-waves of the city and light beams rising from its high-rise buildings, the space reflects and stylises the notions of sound.

The walls of mirror sound towers hide behind them a DJ booth and a gaming zone for testing the professional range headphones. The sound bars emerge out of walls to provide an interactive area for the Momentum range along with specially curated playlists on iPads. The center stage is occupied by the most recent edition- the Urbanite range- with its city silhouette inspired soundwave towers and lightbeams, hosting a home to the different styles of Urbanites with iPods to provide the sound attached.

On the outside window these light towers form a connection platform between ‘the outside and the inside’ in the form of an interactive installation on screens by Nanika, where their movement and the lights directly react to the sounds of the street.

The entire space is Sennheiser signature grey, with a cocoon like effect of soft acoustic panels on the walls to create the perfect escape from the busy street- stepping into the Sanctuary of Sound.